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Long story short, my husband is a truck driver and I used to go on the road with him…until I got pregnant. Ever since I got pregnant and started staying home I started to look for every possible way to make extra income, from home. I started with, the registration is free and all you do is complete surveys that pay less than $1.00 or complete offers. In one month I made $20.38!! Note: I was taking the surveys daily, but unfortunately you don’t qualify for every single survey they have. It took another month to receive my pay check since they only send them out once a month.

While taking surveys one day on I came across a blog post (they have their own blog) regarding working from home. The company that they were advertising for was 1-800-Flowers. I took my chance and went ahead and applied. Now, the agency called is actually the one that was hiring for 1-800-Flowers, and they also hire for other companies as well. I finally heard back from the a month later with “Congratulations! You’re hired!” email. I was actually pretty excited about it.

Some time in the beginning of November I started my training for Cheryl’s Cookies and Brownies company, it is a sister company of 1-800-Flowers. The training was one week long, 1pm – 10pm Monday through Friday. I was glued to my computer. The pay? $10 an hour. I had to download a few programs of theirs and everything seemed pretty easy, all I had to do was sit in front of my computer with a headset and answer incoming calls. Once the call comes in, the program automatically answers it and I went “Thank you for calling Cheryl’s Cookies and Brownies, how may I help you?!” with a big grin on my face. Some times people called because they wanted to order something and it was mostly older people that didn’t know how to order online. Some times people called because there was an issue with shipping or credit card information. I was doing both, sales and service. Oh, and it was seasonal position on top of that. Some weeks I would work 10-15 hours a week and some over 40 (they pay over time!!).

The day after Christmas all of us seasonal employees were called in for a meeting, a paid conference meeting over the phone. We thought they would tell us how great of a job we did and they were going to make us permanent. Nope. They told us the season is over, bye-bye. I was super upset.

A month later, I received an email from Cheryl’s once again stating that they are hiring for another seasonal position for the Valentine’s Day. I jumped right on it. I already had their programs installed on my computer and I was super comfortable with everything. First two – three weeks were okay. I worked about 18-20 hours a week and it wasn’t as crazy as over the Christmas. Following week there was no schedule posted, so I contacted my manager. Oh and let me tell you, trying to reach out to ANYONE is like knocking on the wood – you hear the noise, but you get no response. She finally got back to me couple days later saying there will be no more schedule and that the season was over. I was mad. I uninstalled all of their programs from my computer and started looking for another work from home opportunity.

About a week later I received yet another email from Cheryl’s stating that the schedule is up and asking me if I was coming back. I told them I refuse to work for such unprofessional company and I never heard back from them.

I applied to probably every single job from home posting out there (I will list the links with description at the end) and I had to luck. I went back to and made another $4.00. I also started to mTurk with Amazon at and so far I was able to make $49.79!! mTurk is basically same thing as cashcrate, except it’s BETTER!! They also have surveys and tasks that pay anywhere from $0.01 to $100.00+, but in order to get to the higher paying ones you have to take the less paying ones. The more surveys you take – the more you get paid and you dont have to wait a month to wait for the pay check, you can transfer your funds right into your bank account, the same day! I’ve been snooping around some forums regarding the mTurk and some people who stay dedicated to it make $100 a day.

I also started to sell some things that I’m not using anymore on Totspot, it’s an app that you can download on your phone. You just take a picture, post and wait. You don’t have to meet anyone once the item is sold, you just have to print out the label and ship it out via USPS. So far I sold one thing, for $20.00!!

Most recently, couple of days ago, I applied at and actually had a virtual interview the other night. Now I’m keeping my fingers crossed and once I hear back from them I will post an update here. Update: It’s been 3 weeks and I still have not heard from them. However, one my friend who applied 2 weeks before I did — got hired. So it is also about “jumping” into application right away, “First come — First serve,” as they say.

Working from home is very convenient, you can stay in your PJ’s whole day or you can go commando! You don’t have to take shower, brush your hair nor put make up on. You can take as many potty breaks and lunch breaks as you want. You can work from the couch or from your desk, whatever is more comfortable for you. You can even watch TV while working! Most importantly, you don’t have to drive anywhere!! Working from home is addicting, I don’t think I would be able to work outside of my house after having the taste of working from home.

Here are possible work from home opportunities: – A web site with paid surveys. – Also a web site with paid surveys.

Totspot – Mobile app for buying and selling gently used or new clothing and accessories. – Probably my favorite web site, you can find pretty much any job you’re interested in, starting with a Vistual Assistant and ending with a Freelance App. Builder.

Virtual Customer Service:

Become an Online Juror:

Become a Translator:




Should you sacrifice yourself for your kids?

In other words, should you sacrifice your career, your relationship, your education, your life style, your hobbies, etc….. for the children??

I’m having a debate with my mom. She keeps saying that once I have the baby my life will be over and everything I do will have to be for the best of my baby and I do not agree with her. I mean, yes your life changes with the baby now being a part of it, but it definitely does not end, it goes on but instead of having your old life it transforms into something new. Many mothers say their life didn’t start until they gave birth.

It’s all about making the right adjustments, and you will certainly have to sacrifice a lot of what you were used to at first. But over time you’ll find a new normal and should take time for yourself and start to get some of your old life back.

The relationship with my husband is most important to me. My husband will be here when my kids are grown and gone. He is the father of my kids and I think that we need to model a good healthy relationship for the sake of our children. Growing up I did not get a chance to experience what a relationship should be between a mother and a father, my dad left us when I was 4 years old. Therefore, when I started to date I had no idea what relationships should be like and I was struggling.

My grandma, once she had kids, all of her attention went to them. She would sleep with the kids, separate from her husband, she would spend all of her time with the kids, etc. Basically her whole life started to evolve around the kids. My grandfather died when she was in her 50’s, she never got into another relationship with another man, obviously never got remarried. And now at 93 years old she is left all alone with her neighbors taking care of her, my aunt died and my mom moved to a different country.

Part of doing what is best for kids includes giving them a mother who is happy and satisfied. If that means having a career, than your children might be happier with a mom who works but interacts joyfully with them when not working (versus a mom who stays home and is miserable and treats them as such). You should always make sure your kids come first. But sacrificing your dreams, happiness, goals and expectations for your own life is a slippery slope. I would sacrifice my life for my kids in the sense that I would die to save them from harm. But I think the best way to show your kids how to be happy in life is to show them that they can balance what you need from life while still providing them a stable, happy home. Putting your own life to the side for 20 years might work for some, but I don’t think it’s healthy in any respect.

I want to be a role model for my children, not their maid. I want to be a happy and successful mother who is a whole human being on her own and won’t define my life just through my children because that is too much pressure on them.

I think Jada Pinkett – Smith said it best:


An Interesting Facebook Post I Woke Up To

Every morning when I wake up, I roll over, grab my phone and scroll through my Facebook Feed. This morning I came across an interesting post by one of my friends, it is quiet long, but here it is:

“Just a thought, and feel free to agree or disagree all you want to: when it comes to the abortion issue: I get that a lot of women out there are of the opinion that it is my body and I should be able to do what I want. If that is true, then all of us, men and women should be able to do with our bodies anything that we want to, anywhere at any time. Like, masturbating, or having sex, or walking around naked, or committing suicide. My point I am trying to make is that there are things we aren’t allowed to do because it is harmful to us, or to someone else. How is abortion any different? Roe v. wade legalized it, but the debate is when does life begin? Some believe, as I do, that life begins with conception. Other’s believe it comes later. Consider this: if we were to find so much as a single microbe, living on another planet, that is considered to be extraterrestrial life. SO how come a zygote in the womb isn’t given the same consideration? a zygote is a microbe is it not? How come it isn’t considered alive and yet on another planet it is?”

I definitely believe people are entitled to their opinion and abortion is a VERY sensitive topic. I personally would not have an abortion, unless I was raped. Let me put it to you this way, I am 35 weeks pregnant as of right now, with a baby boy. Fetuses heart starts beating at 19 days or something like that. The first time I saw him on the ultra sound he was 10 weeks, only 10 weeks and he already had a head, limbs and was moving around. First 3 months my every morning started with me hugging the toilet, I would get sick just from watching commercials of pizza or burgers, anything greasy would make me sick. Then in the second trimester, my belly started to grow, I actually started to feel him move and kick around in there. Now, I’m on my third trimester and I’ve been having rib pains to the point where I want to cry, my lower back been killing me, it feels as if there is a knife stuck in there and it stabs me with every step I make, my hips feel like they’re tearing apart, and I can barely walk because of all the weight. I went from being 100 lbs to 150 lbs. Belly gets on a way of everything and my poor little bladder – I peed myself the other night because I couldn’t control it. Then comes the labor and it is not fun at all, in fact they say if men could experience labor pain they wouldn’t survive. And then, it ain’t going to be over, cause after the baby is born you will have to take care of it for the rest of your life. It’s not like getting a puppy. It’s not like getting a fish. It’s not like with animals where female gives birth and the baby gets on its feet right away and few months later it is on its way out of its nest. Nope. So yeah, that’s why women say its my body and its my choice, because it really is. Would I undergo an abortion? No. Abortion should not be used as a birth control method. But what about the case of rape or incest? There have been cases of children being raped (9 year old) and becoming pregnant. Who’s to say whose life is more important? The child who already went through a traumatic experience and now has to go through pregnancy, or the fetus?